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We have had a number of enquiries regarding the importance of the COVID-19 vaccination card. We would like to reassure all our patients that these cards are not vital. If you have been vaccinated all the details are contained in your medical records.

Patients have contacted us regarding misplaced/lost cards and concerns that the card information is important. Please be assured that this is not the case. These cards are not proof of a vaccination – quite simply anyone could amend the written details if they wished – and do not contain secure, personal information.

These cards were created by Public Health England simply as a reminder that patients need two doses of the COVID-19 vaccination. The cards feature a space to list the date and batch number of the first and second vaccination for the patients’ own information/interest.

These cards were printed at a time when it was hoped that those attending their first appointment would also be given a date for their second appointment three weeks later and thus the card would act as a reminder. The time between doses has since changed and patients will be contacted by their GP practice and invited for appointments in due course.

Any patient still wishing to receive a card when they attend their vaccine appointment will be given one, however for those who have lost or did not receive a card, it is not important. You do not need to bring it to your second appointment as all details are included on the patient records, nor does it act as proof of your vaccination.